Medium Size Cat Litter Box-For Pine Cat Litter

For Pine Cat Litter

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Makar pine cat litter box is specialized design for the large grain sizes cat litter which type is pine,paper scrap,crystal. The design of the gridding on the screen is the large size rectangle holes. The rectangle holes leaks the detritus of the large grain litter to the bottom, and keep the fine cat litter on the screen for keep using.  
● The litter box have the modern design : it’s shape looks like a egg, fashionable and simple. It is a perfect combination of the matte outer surface and the polished inner surface. The litter box’s body structure is brief and the color is variety.
● Three-parts design, the cover/the sand falling screen and the bottom. Enough height can prevent the sand spattering out, the cover is convenient for owner to clean the sand.
● The integration design of the sand falling footboard and the cover is the patent of makar. The sand will falling into the at litter box when the cat get out the box. So, you don’t need to spend extra time to clean the sand falling footboard.
● High quality imported materials is very safe for cats. Bright colors never fade,100% Polypropylene, soft and tough.