Muti-Use Puppy Grid Lavatory

The lastest dog lavatory

4 colors available, Click to view


Makar multi-use puppy grid lavatory uses the cocking-up design. Four cocking-up corners is elegant fashion and appearance. It can be use for a lavatory and the tray of bowls or cat sand falling as well. It is very convenience that you can either use the lavatory with diaper or without diaper.
● Appearance on the use of rich and modern, cocking-up corner design. Not only beautiful but also convenient for owner to pick it up from the floor. The two sides of the toilet are cocking-up too. It helps owner to open the toilet.
● High quality imported materials, soft and tough, the dog will not feel pain on it, convenient for training.
● The reinforcing rib design of the gird can prevent the touch between dog’s paw and the urine, thus keep the dog foot dry and make the dog like stand on it.
● Four cushions not only prevent the move of the lavatory, but also protect the floor.