Dog Tray Lavatory

To faciliate the training of puppy's defecation indoor at a specified place

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In 2002, Makar invented the first dog tray lavatory in the world, and gets the country’s patents authorization. Since 10 yearsago, it is beloved by the dogs and the owners. The fake products of the Dog Tray Lavatory appeared in the market numerous, but the real Dog Tray Lavatory has the huge advantages of the classic designing.
● The vertical grilling is the original design of makar. The grille can avoid urine splashing and prevent the dog’s paw spot the urine.
● Hard material will cause puppies foot pain, which will lead to the training failure. The elasticity of the grille is moderate, neither too hard to cause puppies foot pain, nor too soft to make puppies scared.
● Makar dog lavatory is made of high quality imported materials, soft and tough, high resilience and provides excellent corrosion protection.
● Inducer particles added in the grille helps puppies tie the lavatory’s smell and urination together, thus will ensure your  training success.