XXL Luxury Cat Litter Box

The world's largest luxury cat litter box

4 colors available, Click to view


Makar XXL luxury cat litter box which has the enough and bright space for your cat. The smooth design is safe and also creates a harmony environment for cat to connect with the outside of the litter box.

● The enclosed design protect the privacy of cat and prevent the smell bad. 
● The inside of the cat litter box's cover added integrative baffle plate to prevent the leakage of urine and cat sand.
● Cat litter scoop box has been launched for your convenience in the use of Cat litter scoop. Two rolls of garbage bags for the cat litter scoop box by free, which makes it convenient to clean the cat faeces.
● Sand falling footboard and litter box are fused together which can prevents the cat feet taking sand out of the box when the cat in and out the litter box. Besides, the intergration design to avoid extra clean. Save cleaning time for owner.
● Four cushions not only prevent the move of the litter, but also protect the floor.