Cat Litter Station

For the little cat

4 colors available, Click to view

50*50 , 100*100 , 200*100

The characteristic of the Makar Pet Cat Litter Station is it has the appropriate volume, no need to occupy the more space in your home. The design keeps the design concept that high-quality and high-grade. The best material like usual, sturdy and durable and has the bright colors。

● Makar cat litter station is fit for the kitten or the cat that under three month. The right size is very convenient for cats.
● Sand falling footboard and litter box are fused together which can prevents the cat feet taking sand out of the box when the cat in and out the litter box. Besides, the integration designs to avoid extra clean. Save cleaning time for owner.
● Spacious design and the translucent cover keep loneliness and the sense of oppression away.
● Fit all kinds of cat litter. Whether silica cat litter or is pine cat litter can use for Makar cat litter station. It is well suited for the kittens which need to try different kinds of cat litter.