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Notification of Beijing Makar Pets Products Co., Ltd. on cracking down on illegal infringement acts

Dear agents of Makar,

Since its establishment in 2002, Beijing Makar Pets Products Co., Ltd. has consistently adhered to self-innovation of products and put quality supreme. For more than ten years, our company has designed and promoted a lot of excellent products, and obtained multiple national patents for invention, patents for utility models and appearance patents, such as flat plate type dog’s toilet, male dog stand column, egg-shape cat litter box, one-piece sand pedal, assembled dog’s toilet, and etc. These innovative products enjoy enduring popularity in the market of pets products and has become classics in the industry. Besides, they have also established good public praise and brand position for Makar.

However, with the development and self-innovation of Makar, counterfeit and infringement also follow all the way. At the beginning, we treated those companies and individuals that infringe intellectual property of Makar with generous mentality. We hope the intelligence achievements we made through hard work could stimulate the atmosphere of innovation and the improvement of products in the entire industry. However, our generosity didn’t get due awareness in return. The illegal acts of counterfeit and infringement never stop. Instead, it has become more and more intense, and more and more rampant. Now, in addition to some small factories, even some big companies get involved in it. This makes us understand a truth: If we do not stop such kind of unlawful acts, what is harmed is not just legal rights and interests of Makar. It is also the infringement of legal rights and interests of the agents of Makar, and especially does harm to future sustainable development of the entire pet industry. The facts have told us that forbearance won’t bring about respect, tolerance won’t make healthy atmosphere carried forward either.

In order to maintain the legal rights and interests of Makar and the agents of Makar, in order to take our own responsibility to regulate the pet industry, and to make the pet product industry enjoy a bright future with sustainable development, Makar has decided to apply legal means to crack down on the acts of counterfeiting and infringement through relevant national departments since now! We will focus on different conditions to take different measures to crack down on the infringement acts in a planned way for the purpose of maintaining legal rights and interests of Makar and the agents of Makar.

The agents of Makar will be encouraged to provide information about factories and shops engaged in manufacturing and sales of products infringing intellectual property of Makar. Meanwhile, we also wish that the agents of Makar could refuse and stop the sales of all the commodities involved with the infringement of intellectual property of Makar or other manufacturers, and jointly maintain healthy development of the pet industry. What needs to be noted is that the upcoming action will be taken by the lawyer and patent agent of Makar through network businesses including Tmall, Taobao,, and etc. Makar will not participate directly. The third party will crack down on it as long as it is firmly believed to be infringing products without consideration into whether the distributors engaged in the sales of infringing products are the agents of Makar or whether they sell Makar products at the same time. Hopefully all the agents can make self-correction and self-examination ahead of time.

Thanks again for all the agent partners for the support you have ever given to Makar! We sincerely wish that we could go hand in hand to make efforts to create a bright future together!
Beijing Makar Pet Products Co.,Ltd