A Pet World of Comfort

Makar History

Beijing Makar Pets Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. After more than 10 years, Makar has become the industry's leading provider of high quality, high comfort and high quality pet product brands. Makar product prototypes from Mr. Zhang Guoqiang who is the founder of Makar brand hands-on design of Tray Lavatory for his pet.This "user experience, the family tried," approach to new product development model has been used to date, and has received very good results.

Since the first product, it is synonymous with perfect design. With the convenient design, excellent texture, plenty of material, Makar products quickly won the favor of consumers. Makar focus on product quality, user experience has been recognized by the market. In the industry, mention the founder might not know about him. But Makar is familiar with the public. Makar even synonymous with the similar products, We created many “No.1” in the pet products area: The first Dog Tray Lavatory, the first original concept of the target for the male dogs, the first one Assembled Dog Lavatory in the world, and the first cat litter box with the sand falling screen…  It all stems from our concern over pet's comfort on the products and concerns about pet owners encountered during feeding. Makar because of its design, material, detail, practical, working, especially focused on end-consumer demand brand idea stands out in the industry.

Makar attaches great importance to product design brand, both appearance and structure, and color matching is required to achieve excellence, So as to focus on design concepts of the pet itself. Mr Zhang as Makar brand founder and pet supplies outstanding designers, he led his design brands Makar become a brand-name recognized pet articles.
Makar Creation

In 2002, the Dog Tray Lavatory is the original design of Makar, and it opened a new age for the plastic pet products. It can facilitate the training of puppy’s defecation indoor at a specified place, and the sales amount has over the millions in the world. It gets many items of patent. The success of it makes other company’s imitation.About the design characteristics of Makar Dog Tray  Lavatory, the first one is the high quality of the material: 100% resin composite material is the most good for the pet use, durable, soft, elastic. Inducer grain added in the grille. The success of the Makar Dog Tray Lavatory is from that it can help the owner to training puppies to designated defecation indoor.

In 2008, Makar to invent the first Assembled Dog Lavatory in the whole world.The design of the Assembled Dog Lavatory is the frame structure with the unique thought, simple structure and the high-tech material. It use without the grille, no dead angle, and no need to clean often. It is easy to assemble, and very convenient to carry. It gets the design patent in China, America, European Union, and Japan.
In 2012, Makar designed the classical egg style cat litter box with the sand falling screen. Makar keeps design, and now, there is a new cat litter box with the sand falling screen face to the owners. It gets the patents in European countries, America and Japan. It can not only fall the cat sand from the cat feet to the cat litter box, but also connect the sand falling foot broad with the cat litter box. It helps the owner to clean the cat litter easier. The unique structure decrease the house work of the owner, and the egg style appearance is very beautiful and graceful.

Makar Growth

Since 10 years ago, Makar has been creating the fine, fashionable and comfortable pet product endlessly. Makar is focus on the fantastic design, and the best material of the product. Keep to design the comfortable and fashionable is not only the enterprising spirit, but also is the development motive power of Makar. In the future, Makar will keep to pay attention to the comfort of the pet, and the requirement of the pet owner. Design and produce more best pet product for pet and their owner is the idea of us! We will do our best to produce more pet product for the both pet and their owner.

Makar Mission
The forever goal of Makar is keep to invent the practical, fashionable pet products for keep invest on the high quality material and the new products which has the sense of the design. The mission of Makar is brings the comfort and connect the world of the human with the pet.